Video Script Writing Competition

Solutions to Drug Problem – From Youth to Youth

KKAWF in collaboration with UNODC is implementing this pilot project in Islamabad-Rawalpindi cities in Pakistan titled “Empowering youth with better knowledge on evidence-based substance-use prevention strategies.”
KKAWF is using the power of prevention to counter the rising drug use in the country among youth. Using its demonstrated expertise of engaging with youth, KKAWF aims to prevent future substance use by focusing on mix of methodologies targeting students in age groups 12-19 years. Focus will be on a mix of personal and social skills development inter-active structured sessions inclusive of evidence-based knowledge enhancing skills, and script-story telling techniques on personal experiences based on these prevention education strategies.
The project has 12 months duration and targets 16 school campuses in two batches of eight schools each in Rawalpindi and Islamabad region. Subsequently, two student script-writing competitions will be held. The competition will seek scripts written by youth for youth based on their experiences and understanding on substance use and abuse risks and impacts.  The winning scripts will then be used to produce two short animated/or other videos depicting the visions of the youth on substance use in Pakistan.  Gender considerations will be integrated in all activities.
The students will benefit from the project activities-social life-skills focused prevention education, creative concept building through opportunities for video script writing.
The project uses partnerships with educational institutions in implementing its project. This will ensure sustainability of the project the partnerships will help to replicate this project nationwide through the network of these schools country wide beyond the life of the project.
This project will have a lasting impact on youth, as it will seek integration of this programme in schools’ regular planning. Thus the benefits will be long lasting and continue beyond life of this project expects to increase number of youth adopting healthy attitudes towards substance use as outreach of this evidence-based prevention education is integrated in school programmes nationwide, through the network of these school systems across the country. It will provide evidence for the public schools to also adopt similar strategies.   

Why we need Drug Prevention Education?

  • The use of drugs among youth is on the rise in Pakistan.
  • Youth 12-19 years are the most vulnerable targets of the drug menace.
  • Covid-19 Pandemic has propelled the world drug problem as the biggest public health challenge.
  • The case for strengthening prevention education to address drug use is now compelling.
  • Power of prevention is needed to keep youth away from drug use.

Project Aims:

  • Building better knowledge on evidence-based prevention strategies
  • Building competencies in writing scripts for short videos on their experiences on drug use risks and impacts
  • Creating animated videos of winning scripts for dissemination nationwide.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Youth will be empowered and equipped with improved social skills, resilient emotional health, safe social normative beliefs to make healthy choices that keep them away from drug use.
  • A campaign for youth and by youth is a win-win strategy.
  • Integration of these sessions as part of school programmes nationwide.
  • Dissemination of videos on social media and UNODC online youth initiative portal

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