Carlos Humberto Spezia

Carlos Humberto Spezia

KKAWF Rep in Brazil

Started my professional activities in the field of education in the 1980s. I have a degree in Languages and Literature from the University of Brasília. Since then, I have dedicated myself to teacher training, educational management, and school and student evaluation in public and private institutions. I have a Ph.D. in Pedagogy, a post-graduate degree in linguistics, and teacher training from Cambridge University, a specialist in Youth and Adult Education, Project Management from UCAM, and in Bioethics from the University of Brasilia. I have worked with management and education in partnership with federal, state, and municipal governments, secondary and higher education institutions, and international organizations.
Areas of expertise: Educational management, youth and adult education, health education inclusive education, professional and technological education.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE – Project management and evaluation
2021 – Advisor to the Superintendency – Project Manager of the Hospital da Criança de Brasília José de Alencar – HCB.
2021 – Research Fellow at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation – Pedagogic projects of post-graduation courses in Digital Transformation in Health
2021 – Executive Director of FEPECS (Fundação de Ensino e Pesquisa em Ciências da Saúde do GDF) The Foundation is the maintainer of the Faculty of Medicine and Nursing of the GDF and the technical courses in health of the Federal District (until May 12, 2021)
2021 – Specialized technical consultancy for the OEI (Organization of Ibero-American States) – Elaboration of a course to train public school teachers who receive refugees from other countries. The course addresses the cultural elements and updates of the pedagogical practice for the public network teachers who are not yet trained to deal with the theme of interculturality. The course is available on the Avamec platform of the Ministry of Education.
2020 – Technical consultancy with the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning of Hamburg-Germany in research on the validation and recognition of knowledge and skills of migrants and refugees in Brazil.
2019 – Special Advisor to the Secretary of Health of the Federal District. Strategic Management and Projects Advisory. Responsible for the management and monitoring of national and international projects. Conducting international technical cooperation projects with international organizations.
2018/2019 – General Coordinator of Professional and Technological Education Policies – Secretariat of Professional Education SETEC/MEC. Responsible for inducing policies of professional and technological education throughout the state and federal network. Analysis of courses, curriculum, teacher training and certification of competencies.
Authorizer of expenses for transfers to federal and state institutions. Represent the MEC in all national and international forums on Professional and Technological Education.
2017 – General Director of the Senac College – DF. – Responsible for all pedagogical and administrative management of the College with the employees and the host institution. Hiring of teachers and area coordinators. Responsible for the management of resources in all the activities of the institution. Legal attorney to represent the College before the Ministry of Education.
2015 – General Coordinator of Youth and Adult Education at the Ministry of Education – responsible for youth and adult education policy for the public school network, responsible for managing financial resources passed on by FNDE to municipalities,
monitoring the execution of resources passed on for opening new classes and teacher training courses, Representing the Ministry of Education in national and international forums on Youth and Adult Education, preparing ordinances, technical notes and opinions on policies for youth and adult education, 2015 – Consultant for the Ibero-American Organization to work in the CONFINTEA – Brazil +6;
2014 – UNESCO Project Officer – Brasília: Education Project Officer. Responsible for all technical and administrative management and evaluation of projects in Youth and Adult Education, Education in Prisons and Vocational Education.
2013 – Senior Analyst at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiotec): Activities: advise the working process of the Technical Cooperation Terms of the Ministry of Health/Executive Secretariat; develop monitoring evaluation systems to be applied to all projects of the
Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Health.
2013 – Consultant for the Pan-American Health Organization – PAHO. Contract: BR/CNT/1201256.001. Activities: Analyze the resources made available and mobilized in the phases of preparation, execution, management and evaluation of international
technical cooperation projects in the scope of the Ministry of Health. Develop monitoring and evaluation tools for Ministry of Health projects; train the team in the use of consolidated tools in a WEB environment.
2013 – UNESCO Consultant in Youth and Adult Education: To assist the National Department and the Thematic Group on Youth and Adult Education (EJA) and EJA/EBEP in the consolidation and construction of the guiding document for the construction of the School Pedagogical Development Plan (PDPE) for Youth and Adult
Education in the SESI Education network.
2012/2013 – National Coordinator of the Joint United Nations Programme- Coordinate the activities of six UN agencies (UNESCO, UNODC, UNHABITAT, UNDP, ILO, and UNICEF) in the municipalities of Vitória- ES, Lauro de Freitas – BA and Contagem – MG, with the overall objective of
violence prevention, through mechanisms of social insertion of socially vulnerable boys and girls. Coordinate the final evaluation of the project.
2008 to 2012 – UNESCO Project Officer – Brasília: Education and Prison Education Project Officer. Responsible for all administrative management and evaluation of projects as well as the respective budget allocations and monitoring and evaluation routines of the projects under her responsibility. Responsible for the joint coordination of the international conference on adult education. CONFINTEA VI, projects with state governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, and ministries, concerning youth and
adult education (YAE) education in prisons and professional education (2008 – 2011).
2001 to 2008 – Ministry of Health – Coordinator of investment projects in education at SUS Technical Schools (Professional Education) – responsible for conducting the workshops for elaboration and evaluation of the investment projects together with the teams from the states and municipalities of Brazil. Also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the projects and developing computerized systems in all 36 SUS Technical Schools.
Technical Consultant – AISA – Advisory Office for International Affairs – Ministry of Health.

Follow-up of WHO – World Health Organization budget issues related to WHO/BRAZIL and PAHO/BRAZIL projects. Assisted in matters related to the conception and elaboration of projects for the International Advisory of the Ministry of Health

Member of the Brazilian Delegation to the Conference of the Parties for Implementation of the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control – Geneva, February 2006 (DOU 06/02/2006).
Member of the Brazilian delegation to the 58th World Health Assembly – WHO in Geneva- May 2005 (DOU 16/05/2005)
Representative of the Ministry of Health to the Framework convention on Tobacco Control (Decree 1662/GM August 26, 2003, DOU 165, Section 2 page 15 – Inclusion published in DOU 124, section 2 page 19 on June 28, 2005)

Technical Consultant – UNESCO/MS (2001-2005)
Overseeing the implementation and evaluation of the Educational Policy Project and Investment Project in the 36 Health Technical Schools of the SUS. Build the investment projects of SUS Technical Schools in the states of TO, RR, DF, RO, PI, RS, AM, PA, AP, SE, MA.
Analyze the physical-financial reports submitted by the schools. Verify the acquisition of pedagogical materials bought centrally by the Ministry of Health/UNESCO, issue technical opinion on the investment projects, approve the reallocation of resources
requested by the institutions participating in the projects, analyse the technical specifications of the goods to be acquired by the schools, raise the demand of equipment for the bidding sector, maintain the dialogue between the Ministry of Health, State Secretariats of Health and UNESCO, in order to optimize the execution processes of the investment project of the SUS Technical Schools. 2001 a 2005.
Responsible for developing and evaluating the school management software for professional education of technical schools of the Unified Health System – SUS.
1996 – Coordinator of the Total Quality implantation program SEBRAE -Brasília DF,
1996. Responsibilities: prepare the company for the implantation of the Quality program, promoting training courses for the top management for the sensitization process to the changes to be implanted. Train multipliers for the implementation of the Quality
management process. Evaluate the individual performance of the employees.

Participate in the process of hiring and firing employees. Conduct exit interviews with employees who leave the company.
Quality Manager – Customer Service – SEBRAE – Brasília DF – 1996.
Create the SAC (Customer Service) training and accompanying customers. Optimize the product delivery sectors. Train the “telemarketing” staff.
Create the post-sales service.
Establish communication lines between the purchasing, sales, and marketing sectors.
Set periodic meetings with the top management crew to provide clarifications about the progress of the activities.
Orient the new computer system of relational database management in accordance with the proposal of customer service.
2017 -2019 – Teacher of English language teacher training courses at SESI network in Mato Grosso do Sul and other regions, content developer in English language didactics for SESI network teachers training.
2015 – Teacher facilitator for the contextualized question writing workshops held by the University of the Federal District in February 2015.
2012/2014 – Teacher. Elaboration of assessment items for institutions that organize public competitions: CESPE, UNIVERSA, and ESAF. 2013/2014 – Tutor teacher of the distance learning course in didactics of English Language, promoted by Serviço Social da Indústria (SESI) in partnership with Educativa organization in Belo Horizonte/ Minas Gerais. 1988 to 1991 /1996 to 1997 – Pedagogic Coordinator and Teacher Trainer at the
Independent British Institute.
Provide guidance to teachers on techniques and didactic materials regarding the adoption of the communicative method.
Attend to students and guardians regarding all issues involving the course.
issues involving the course.
1998 to 2001 – English language teacher at Cultura Inglesa – Brasília DF, Levels:
Intermediate, advanced, and preparatory courses for the English language proficiency exams of the University of Cambridge/England.
1999-2001 – Cambridge Exams Examiner for the Brazilian Society of Cultura Inglesa.
1995-1997 – Cambridge Examination Preparation Course Teacher -CEELT (Cambridge Examination in English for Language Teachers.) IBI – Independent British Institute.
1985-1998 – Teacher at the Independent British Institute – IBI.
1985 – Brazilian Literature teacher at Sociedade Educacional Laser Ltda for high school students.
1982-1985 – Portuguese Language and Brazilian Literature teacher at the Educational Foundation of the Federal District – (Youth and Adult Education).
1983-1985 – Portuguese Language Teacher at Centro de Ensino Supletivo do Guará – Supplementary Education Center – (Youth and Adults Education).
2000 – 2001 – English Language Teacher at Escola de Administração Fazendária – ESAF- advanced and intermediate levels.
2001 – Translator and interpreter for the IMF (International Monetary Fund) with the Federal Government for the December 2001 intervention.
1988 – 2001 – Freelance translator and proofreader of technical and scientific texts.
Translating, proofreading, and verifying technical and scientific texts, as well as orienting clients regarding the procedures for the legalization of documents with embassies and the Ministry of Education in Brazil and abroad.
1989 to 2022 -Translator for Prof. Bunny Gustave Persijn’s team of translators – sworn translator.

– Specialist in Youth and Adult Education – Faculdade AVM – Brazil 2013/2015.
– PhD in Pedagogy – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico – 2010/2014.
– MBA in Project Management – Universidade Cândido Mendes – 2001-2003.
– Postgraduate in Bioethics – University of Brasília, Brazil – 2008.
– Specialization in International Health – Instituto Salazarte – Rosario, Argentina – 2005.
– Master’s degree in applied linguistics, International Language Institute in partnership
with the American University in Cairo – 1993/1995.
– University of Cambridge, England, 1989. – Specialization course in Didactics for English Language teachers, certified by the University of Cambridge, England.
– Languages – Licenciatura plena em língua e literatura Inglesa e Portuguesa, UnB-Universidade de Brasília, 1986. MEC registration. 5116/1986.
– Extension course in English language and training – International House – London – England 1986/87.
– Course on teaching methodology and didactic techniques – Independent British Institute. 360 hours – 1988 – 1990.
– Advanced Training for English Language Teachers, International House, Cairo – Egypt – 1993.
– Course for translators in English and Portuguese held by IBI – Independent British Institute – 1988.
– Quality and Productivity – course promoted by UFMG together with Cristiano Otoni Foundation – Belo Horizonte – 1995.
– Course on Bidding Processes – Law 8666/03 – BAC Institute – Professor Marçal Justen. Curitiba PR. 2004.
– Informatics – Windows & Office & Internet, MCI – Brasília 1990.
– Informatics – Windows NT, SQL Server (Network) – MCI – Brasília 1993.
– Marketing Theories – Discipline of the Master’s course of the Administration Department of the University of Brasília – UnB – 2000.

Portuguese: Fluent in both oral and written comprehension (Teacher)
English: Fluent in Listening and Writing (Teacher)
Spanish: Spoken and Written Comprehension
Fundação de Ensino e Pesquisa em Ciências da Saúde: mantenedora de instituições de ensino – CCS -Comunicação em Ciências da Saúde – 2021

Os 60 anos da ETESB: possibilidades e desafios para a saúde, educação e formação continuada – Revista Com Censo ISSN:2359-2494 – v.7n.4 (2020).

Relatório Global sobre Aprendizagem e Educação de Adultos. – UNESCO,

Marco de Ação de Belém: Tradução do idioma inglês para o português
UNESCO, 2010.

Educação de Adultos em Retrospectiva: 60 Anos de Confintea
UNESCO, 2014, 278p

Pessoas com deficiência e políticas de saúde no Brasil: reflexões bioéticas
Persons with disabilities and Brazilian healthcare policies: thoughts about bioethics.
Ciênc. saúde coletiva;14(1):31-38, jan.-fev. 2009.

Educação e Aprendizagem para Todos: Olhares dos cinco continentes
UNESCO, Ministério da Educação 2009, 109 p.

From green Economies to Green Societies.
UNESCO, 2011, 79p.

II South-South
Cooperation Workshop: Youth and Adult Education in Portuguese-Speaking
UNESCO, 2009, 78p

Política Nacional de Educação Permanente em Saúde – Ministério da Saúde – Secretaria de Gestão do Trabalho e da Educação na Saúde Brasil. Ministério da Saúde. Secretaria de Gestão do Trabalho e da Educação na Saúde. Departamento de Gestão da Educação em Saúde.
Política Nacional de Educação Permanente em Saúde / Ministério da Saúde, Secretaria de Gestão do Trabalho e da Educação na Saúde– Brasília: Ministério da Saúde, 2009. 64 p. – (Série B. Textos Básicos de Saúde)

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