Save Tomorrow 7 – Time to Remember Time to Act

KKAWF has been committed to making a positive impact on our society by advocating for sports and physical activities while raising awareness about the devastating consequences of drug overdose. ‘Save Tomorrow’, is a hope that brings together communities, sports enthusiasts, and supporters to promote healthy living, remember those lost to drug overdose, and prevent future tragedies.

With Save Tomorrow 7, we are gearing up for another impactful event and are reaching out to you young people for your customary and valuable participation as a volunteer. By volunteering with us, you can contribute to the promotion of sports and physical activities in Pakistan, which serves as a powerful tool in keeping the youth away from the clutches of drugs. Furthermore, you can support us by helping in enhancing Pakistan’s standing on the global sports stage.

The primary objectives of ‘SAVE TOMORROW’ are:

  1. Raising Awareness: We aim to spread awareness about the devastating losses caused by drug overdose and encourage the youth to engage in sports and physical activities as a healthy and fulfilling alternative.
  2. Reducing Stigma: Our event seeks to reduce the stigma associated with drug-related deaths, both legal and illegal, fostering an environment where families and friends can remember their loved ones without shame or guilt.
  3. Community Healing: ‘Save Tomorrow’ provides a platform for people to publicly mourn their lost loved ones and find solace in shared experiences, fostering healing and support among attendees.

The Save Tomorrow has yielded six successful events over the past seven years, by promoting sports such as cycling, football, rugby, walk/run and volleyball.

This year, in collaboration with the Pakistan Basketball Federation, we are elated to present basketball matches as the highlight of our festivities. The Liaquat Gymnasium at the Pakistan Sports Board in Islamabad will serve as the venue for this momentous occasion.

The event will showcase the exceptional talents of male and female basketball players from our national teams. Our audience includes students from diverse educational institutions, including underprivileged ones in vulnerable areas of Islamabad. By sponsoring this event, you will be directly contributing to the enrichment of their lives and the cultivation of a healthier, drug-free lifestyle.

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