Workshop at the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority invited KKAWF to speak to the representatives of the telecommunication companies, including cellular companies and the law enforcement agencies. KKAWF arranged this session at the PTA Headquarters, which was attended by PTA, ANF, Jazz, Telenor, Zong, Ufone, NTC and PTCL. KKAWF presented a detailed overview of the situation of drugs in Pakistan. The statistics were shared with PTA and ANF and suggestions were submitted to tackle the menace of drugs by enforcement of the laws. It was suggested that anti-drug campaign will be initiated through all cellular companies. We also requested Chairman PTA to issue a helpline number 9595 to KKAWF, for one of our programmes, for whenever its possible to be used to provide 24 hours counseling to those, who are suffering with problems related to drug abuse and addiction. Chairman PTA assured that they have reserved the number for the helpline and offered their full support.


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