About Us

Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation (KKAWF) was launched in June, 2015 in Islamabad after Mrs. Cristina Von Sperling Afridi and Ambassador (Retd.) Tariq Khan Afridi lost their son, Karim aged 19, in 2014, and it became their inspiration and a motivational force to engage and facilitate the youth in protecting their lives that are vulnerable to the dangers of drug abuse.

The adverse effects of drugs are mostly seen in teenagers, as they are not aware of what it could cost them, to try to experience something they have never done before. Almost 66% of population of Pakistan is below the age of 25, and therefore they are passing through the phase of exploring new things and experiences that attracts them, and this is where they need guidance. Reports show that Pakistan has around 8.9 million people who use some form of drug. This is quite alarming for the children to be exposed to such a menace and it is time that we should guide our school going teenagers on the dangers of indulging in the use of recreational drugs through mediums other than the textbooks.

Since there are many physical and psychological changes happening simultaneously at puberty, KKAWF has developed a model with five main guiding spheres of interest.

Drug Awareness

  • Creating awareness about drug abuse and its consequences.
  • Theater plays on the drug abuse and consequences. The theatre groups perform at the Public and Private schools in Pakistan (in English & in Urdu).
  • To organize and conduct Teachers Training programs to provide the teachers (Public & Private Educational Institutions) necessary knowledge and tools for a more proactive approach towards detection of illegal drug activities and early intervention programs.
  • Increased community’s awareness on the misuse of prescription drugs, with information and education about statistics concerning the use of drugs among the youth in Pakistan.
  • Inclusion of Drug Awareness courses in academic syllabus.
  • Seminars and visits by experts to the educational institutions on a regular basis to keep parents, caregivers and teachers abreast on the issue.
  • Unplugged – Hum Saath Hain – Teacher Training program to train teachers to cascade the interactive activities to their students to prevent them against drugs.


  1. Creating awareness for a healthier environment.
  2. Clean-up drives, tree plantations and other related activities with local schools.


  1. To engage the youth in Physical Activities and Sports.
  2. To engaging Islamabad Sports Complex and others with similar facilities in the respective cities to facilitate the youth programs.
  3. Promotion of mandatory participation in sports at school for each child.
  4. Organizing Inter-school sports competitions.

Arts & Culture

  1. To engage youth in arts and culture activities
  2. Provide opportunities to youth through medium of entertainment so that they could utilize their positive and constructive energies for the betterment of the society – ensuring elimination of all those factors that causes youth to indulge in drug abuse.

Civic Sense

  1. Developing civic sense in the community & stakeholders.
  2. Promote and initiate the utilization of 15% Of Air Time (TV/Radio) reserved by PEMRA for Community Service and Campaign for Civic Sense, Drug abuse & Environment.
  3. Create a campaign to de-glamorize the use of drugs.
  4. Ensure that Drug Awareness, Environment and developing Civic Sense are included as a compulsory study in all public and private school curriculum.
  5. Partnerships with rehabilitation centers and professionals for guidance and expertise.
  6. Enforcement of regulations on the sale of prescription drugs and ensuring strict penalties/action on offenders.