KKAWF Drug Awareness Week

KKAWF Drug Awareness Week



  • National Anthem
  • Students Talk – Presentation

(Preferably an auditorium with maximum capacity)

(Multimedia with HDMI port and audio output)

(Mrs. Cristina von Sperling Afridi will give the presentation)

  • Questionnaire (questionnaire provided by KKAWF to be printed by the schools according to the number of students attending the presentation, and filled in questionnaire to be given to KKAWF)
  • Pledge Wall – “Wada Karo Manshiyat Se Door Raho Ge”

(to arrange a notice board, sticky notes for all the students to write their pledges and the teachers should ensure that all students write their pledges and fix those onto notice board)


  • Arts/Poster Competition (Groups of 4-5 students)

(Posters, colors, markers and the material to be provided by the schools)


  • Essay Competition

(in English or Urdu, depending on the understanding level of students)


  • All the Posters to be displayed in the schools
  • Selection of the best posters for the certificates

(selection by the Art Teachers of the same school, to select First, Second and Third winners, and the names to be given to KKAWF)


  • Skit

(The Principals to select the performers and record the skit to be posted online) (The names of the performers to be provided to KKAWF for provision of certificates of participation)

(The participants should wear five words of DRUGS, one word each to be displayed at their shirts back)


  • Burka Avenger

(The animated series Burka Avenger special episode on drug abuse to be provided by KKAWF. The schools should arrange the multimedia to show this episode to the maximum number of students)


  • Selection of the essay winners for the certificates

(selection by the teachers of the same school, to select First, Second and Third winners, and the names to be given to KKAWF)


  • Certificate Distribution Ceremony

(Certificates to be printed by the schools on a hard paper, KKAWF will provide the sample of the certificate)

(The Chairperson KKAWF will distribute the certificates)

  • Tree Plantation

(One plant in each school, plants to be provided by the schools and to be planted by the Principal or Chairperson KKAWF)


  • Sports

(Schools will arrange the sports activity, preferably team sports like football, hockey, basketball and volleyball)



  • The Chairperson KKAWF and her team will give presentation on first Day
  • KKAWF will collect the Questionnaires after the presentation
  • The Chairperson KKAWF will distribute certificates among the essay winners, participants of skit performance, and winners of arts/poster competition on the 5th and last day of the KKAWF Drug Awareness Week
  • The schools should provide red ribbons to the students to ensure that every students should tie ribbons on their arms or wear red